Publications & Reports


Development Handbook

A guide to land use and development in the City of North Bay


Film Production Handbook

An outline of notification and approval processes required from various municipal departments and agencies



North Bay Community Profile


Relocation Guide

We understand how challenging relocating can be so we’ve tried to make it a little easier by providing a lot of the information you might need to know about North Bay in one document.

Download Brochure

Explore your development opportunities at YYB North Bay, a fully serviced Airport Industrial Business Park.

Download infographic

Infographic of opportunities at North Bay YYB, a fully serviced Airport Industrial Business Park.


North Bay, Ontario - It all Works

From major multinational corporations to local entrepreneurs, the industrial environment in North Bay can be summed up in one word - diversified.


North Bay, Ontario - Where Mining Works!

Explore the opportunities for locating your mining, Service & Supply operation in North Bay.


Filming in North Bay, Ontario

Facts & features of filming in North Bay.


Employers Guide

A guide designed as a resource for employers to assist with the inclusion of Internationally Trained Individuals (ITIs) in the workplace. Attraction, hiring and retention strategies are important aspects that employers must embrace to ensure a competitive business environment.


Tourism Brochure

An overview of the events, locations, and activities that North Bay offers.


Ground Transportation - Did you know


Small Business - Did you know


Annual Review


Reports & Studies

Competitive Analysis Study

Completed in 2015, this study compares the cost of doing business in more than 100 cities in ten countries, including Canada and the United States.


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Industry Showcase

This showcase is intended to provide a sample of some of the exciting businesses located within the walls of the buildings that we pass by each day.