Animation film:

Globe spinning, North American map on screen, air planes flying into North Bay Ontario, arrows going outward from North Bay, plane leaving from tarmac, tractor trailer going across screen, tractor trailer driving along road with factory building in the background, airport runway and buildings shown, airplanes departing from airport, clock ticking and time changes, interior view of airport terminal with people, in the background airplanes and buildings, number of buildings moving across the screen, airplane being tended by technicians with a truck in forefront, aviation campus building with students, hangar with air plane and people, plane landing on runway, two men standing on runway, lady with drink in hand sitting in beach chair, people playing beach volleyball, fisherman in boat reeling in a fish, two people sitting by campfire roasting food, people jumping from rock in lake and canoeist going by in the back, people hiking while plane flies above, person downhill skiing, multiple planes flying while sun shines in back ground, plane landing on runway.