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Text:where bridges are designed and constructed

Text:where 100s of millions m2 of polypropylene fabric is produced and shipped globally

Text:where 200,000+ aircraft movements

Text:and 4,800+ km of border are monitored

Text:protecting North American Airspace and Canadian Sovereignty

Text:where software solutions help large apparel customers ship 7.3 million orders annually

Text:where 500,000 hard drives, notebooks and tablets are refurbished yearly

Text:where global leaders in commercial explosives industry reside

Text:where 1.5 million drill rods are produced annually

Text:Where the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell was developed

Text:where global leaders in mining engineering and construction, service and supply locate their headquarters

Text:Where innovative lining systems for some of the world's largest grinding mills are manufactured

Text:where the world's deepest operating metalliferous mine was designed

Text:where underground vehicles are designed and built

Text:where aircraft from all over the globe come for maintenance

Text:where Canada's second busiest flight service centre is located on a 10,000 ft runway

Text:where Bombardier's 415 aircraft is assembled & tested taking only 12 seconds to scoop its 6,137 liter load

Text:where Kayaks are made

Text:where plastic fittings and piping are produced

Text:where drill rigs are built

Text:where the world's largest capacity raise bore drill was engineered and built

Text:where millions of carats (synthetic) are consumed in the production of diamond products annually

Text:where 30,000 metric tonnes of methane gas are diverted from our landfill

Text:where rail cars are refurbished

Text:where the world's first telerobotic surgery was performed

Text:where contact management centres handle nearly 750,000 calls per month

Text:where creativity thrives

Text:where off road tires are retreaded

Text:where food is grown and processed, sustainable fur industry, pressure vessels, Kayaks, hydraulic systems

Text:electrical harness, woven plastics, Trailers, piping

Text:canoes, engineered wood products, resins, drill rigs, mining equipment, explosives

Text:paddle boats, rock crushers, OEM parts, underground vehicles, digital content

Text:aircraft, explosives, chemicals, locomotives, canoes

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