Music begins playing Camera pans across a midway at night Text: Have you ever considered...

People spin around on a midway ride

People run along a trail Text: 3,000+ km of multi-use trials

People cycle over a bridge

Students collect samples in a lake Text: preparing for your future

A chef instructs students

Two students talking in a library

Artwork at the Harris Learning Library

A crowd gathers on Main Street at night Text: being a part of something BIGGER

Another crowd gathers on Canada Day

Snowbirds fly overhead

Aerial image of The Steve Omischl Sports Complex

Children kick oversized soccer balls. Text: Encouraging Play

A child kicks a soccer ball

A robot kicks a soccer ball Text displays: competitive robotics that inspire innovation

Students are assembling a robot

A crowd gathers at the Summer in the Park Festival Text: festivals and events that attract visitors from around the globe

Camera pans across the assembled crowd

A musician performs on stage

A child rides a carousel

A mini train full of riders approaches the camera

The mini train drives by the station

The Chief Commanda II drives by the waterfront at dusk

Ultimate Frisbee is being played

A woman's volleyball game being played an Nipissing University

The Lady Lakers celebrate after scoring a point

North Bay Battalion plays on OHL hockey game

View of the game from behind the Battalion bench.

Sailboats on lake Nipissing Text: 863 square kilometers of clean fresh water

People on a dock by a boat

People walk past the North Bay Marina

People walking along a boardwalk

A beaker full of fluid Text: opportunities for life-long learning

A student pours liquid from one beaker into another

A teacher uses a tablet in front of a classroom

A paintbrush is loaded with paint

Painting of artwork

A smiling student scultps with clay

A lab technician places a vial in a lab instrument

Close-up of the vial Text: access to quality health care services

The machine starts to move

Surgeons work in an operating theater

A new mom holds her infant

Eagle feathers from native head dress Text: experiencing different cultures

Native drumming

A native dancer

The North Bay Symphony

Camera pans across the violinists

Camera pans across the crowd at the Symphony

Motorcycles drive by the camera Text: enjoying your favourite pastime

Man reflected in the chrome of a motorcycle


Putting on a green

Golf ball rolls into the hole

People enjoying a midway swing ride

Shoppers admiring merchandise

Two people enjoy a cup of coffee

Downhill skiers putting their gear away

Skiers talking outside

A cross country ski meet Text: embracing the outdoors

Children walk along a path in the fall

People jogging in a race

A large group of runners fill the road

Sapling trees in a greenhouse Text: innovating for the future

Students study the trees

View of a lake Text: ...are all at your doorstep

A canoe passes by the camera

Aerial view of Nipissing University and Canadore College

Fade to black Text: What can you do here?

North Bay Ontario Canada