Dramatic music plays throughout video

Black screen with text the reads “Filming in the City of North Bay means…”. Fade to a drone shot flying over city of North Bay. Cut to a shot of ancient Israeli marketplace set. Text reads “industrial, warehouse and office space to accommodate set construction, filming and production functions”. Cut to a quick shot of a woman holding a boom microphone. There is a film crew shooting a scene in an ancient Israeli marketplace set. Drone shot in autumn flying over Canadore College. There is a group of people having a panel discussion. Cut to as larger panel discussion being held. Text reads “Industry engagement sessions”. Drone shots of production trailers in winter, text reads “Low traffic and commute time” .Shot of Cecil’s restaurant in the winter cut to a shot of Crew working and pushing a dolly in the winter. A couple looking at pottery in an art store then cuts to a family walking down downtown north bay outside of Pearls, text reads “Picturesque downtown boutiques and facades”. A shot a a production crew setting up a light and scrim in front of the Capitol Centre. Cut to a shot of film camera shooting 2 people talking. A production crew looks over monitor, text reads “Streamlined no-fee process”. A shot of a Camera being pushed along a dolly track. Cuts to a drone shot of Chief Commanda  then a drone shot of Harbour, text reads “40+ beaches and 70+ park areas”. Cut to Two teams of women hockey players playing a game of tug of war on the beach while a film crew shoots it. Man walking in the park with a camera crew on a golf cart shoots them, text reads “100+km of multi-use trails”. Shot of two people on bikes riding through the park being led by a golf cart c cu to a drone shot of two people riding down a bike trail. Shot of an outdoor function at the Boat restaurant. Drone shot of the “Pro-Cathedral of Assumption”, text reads “Regional Location Library”. Students colour grading on while a teacher instructs them, text reads “5,588 sq ft post production centre providing industry leading solutions for film and television projects”. An instructor is showing students how the ATMOS mix stage works. Students using the ATMOS mix stage to work on a project, text Reads “Features include a Dolby ATMOS mix stage, colour correction and ADR rooms”. Someone checking on the servers for the ATMOS sound stage cut to two students doing voice over work in the ADR room. Close up shot of a hand on a mixer in the ADR room. A shot of a crowded capitol centre with “Carter” logo on the big screen, text reads “Private screening and events”. The Mayor Al McDonald talking to Jerry O’Connell cuts to a shot panning the full audience at the capitol centre screening of “Carter”. Shot of a concert at dusk down at the lakefront.

A shot of the sunset at the beach, text reads “I real enjoyed North Bay and everyone here. I would love to be here again, The City’s Film and TV Division are wonderful to work with! Catherine Crawford Location Manager Cardinal Season 2 and 3”.

Shot of two people eating dinner. Chabges t two people enjoying drinks at the same restaurant, text reads “…I loved shooting in and around North Bay. I miss it when I’, not there. Just wanted to say I’ve got a crush on your city. Randy Butcher Stunt Coordinator, Cardinal Season 2 and 3.

Drone shot of North Bay, text reads, “The City of North Bay is small enough that everything’s close byb but big enough to have all the comforts and amenities needed to service a production.” Derek Diorio Producer/ Director, Hard Rock Medical Season 1-4

Drone shot of the water front, text reads “…We would like to thank the City of North Bay for such an amazing experience. We will never forget your support… M Aseltine, A Williams & J Drakulic Blind Lick Pictures LTD.

Shot of Jerry O’Connell being interviewd by reporters. A shot of Jerry O’Connell wearing a red suit jacket with white maple leaves looking at the camera mouthing “North Bay”. Text reads “Where will you film your next project”. Black screen with North Bay logo and investinnorthbay.ca url