Text: City of North Bay, Ontario

Scenery: Leaves in the sunlight.

Audio: A bird begins chirping then music begins playing

Scenery: Aerial video of North Bay

Scenery: Two people are putting on a golf green, in a side frame is a sign announcing "WELCOME TO THE ONTARIO CHAMPIONSHIPS"

Scenery: Golf ball falls into the cup

Scenery: Mayor McDonald being interviewed

McDonald: What does the city of north bay have to offer well it we've heard from many different individuals that the services and amenities that we have for a city of 55,000  is what you usually find in larger centres of about 500,000 or more.

Scenery: A conference room full of people

Scenery: People walking in the reflection of a chrome motorcycle engine

McDonald: We are successful because of the partnerships that we build with the community groups, with businesses, industry and with education

Scenery: Mayor McDonald speaks with a citizen at a car show.

McDonald: On the sports side of things we have every sport you can imagine from hockey to lacrosse from cricket to ringette.

Scenery: A volleyball game is being played at the Nipissing University gymnasium. A player spikes the ball. A point is scored. The audience and team celebrate.

Scenery: A photo of women curling, a photo of men curling and a photo of ringette being played

McDonald: We are very fortunate to live in a very green part of the province where we have hiking and biking trails from one end of the city to the other.

Scenery: McDonald being interviewed

Scenery: Photo of North Bay taken from the escarpment, two photos of ultimate Frisbee being played

Scenery: Man puts away his skiing gear

Scenery: People skiing 

Scenery: Aerial video of the city of North Bay with lake Nipissing in the background

McDonald: We have world class sand beaches on lake Nipissing, a world class sailing lake and first class Marina

Scenery: McDonald being interviewed

Scenery: Aerial video of the Steve Omischl Sports Complex

McDonald: We have a brand new 12 million dollar sports field that has 2 artificial turfs, one natural turf and three softball/baseball fields

Scenery: Another aerial video featuring the sports fields, a close-up of the artificial turf and children getting ready to play soccer

Scenery: More views of the sports complex including details of the fields and a game of soccer being played

Scenery: A man tees off at a golf range while a woman watches

McDonald: On top of all the baseball fields and hockey arenas that we have in our community we have one of the only ski hills in the centre of town in North America which we are very proud of.

Scenery: Volleyball teams warm up as the crowd gathers in the stands for the game

Scenery: Set. Spike. Point! Cheering

Scenery: A woman talks at the ski hill, meanwhile another person looks at the city from the top of a ski hill.

Scenery: McDonald being interviewed

McDonald: So we have actually produced many professional athletes and Olympians and I think that really speaks well to the lifestyle that we enjoy here in the City of North Bay

Scenery: Crowd gathers at an event at the waterfront

Scenery: Uniformed military personnel match down the street, meanwhile people celebrate at an outdoor event and aerial footage of North Bay play in frames

McDonald: And our city is rich in sports and healthy lifestyles and that is something that we promote.

Scenery: McDonald being interviewed

Scenery: A girl rides on a carrousel horse, meanwhile a crowd gathers in front of a stage

McDonald: We were named hockeyville in 2007 and we are very proud to host the 2013 world ringette championships right in the city of North Bay

Scenery: Camera zooms down a railroad track

Scenery: People riding on a mini-train

Scenery: Photos of a football game being played

McDonald: We have all the assets that you would expect of a city of 500,000 people in a small town atmosphere

Scenery: People meet in a conference room

Scenery: A traveller checks into a hotel

McDonald: We are a city that is growing, is very successful in many areas, we have many new hotels; we have one of four 10,000 foot runways in the province of Ontario.

Scenery: Snowbirds fly overhead. Camera pans over the runway. Interior photo of the YYB airport.

McDonald: We have a 4000 seat arena that holds many concerts, many high profile hockey games

Scenery: Attendees watch a presentation in a conference hall

Scenery: Crowd watches an event downtown at night, meanwhile the Chief Commanda sails by the shoreline in a separate frame.

McDonald: We have four arenas in our city, we have 72 parks, we are a green city in the north

Scenery: Drums being beaten and dancers performing at a powwow.

McDonald: We have so many different assets that most people wonder how a city of the size of 55,000 can have so many amenities.

Scenery: Powwow dancer performing in front of a sunset with tipi in the background

McDonald: We are very fortunate to life in one of the safest cities in the province of Ontario

Scenery: Scenes from a midway

McDonald: We are a vibrant city with a great night life a rich history in culture, in theatre, in entertainment, in sports

Scenery: People on a Venetian Swing Carousel

Scenery: McDonald being interviewed

McDonald: We have just completed a 20 million dollar waterfront park that we are very proud of. It's on the shores of lake Nipissing

Scenery: View from the stage of a waterfront rock concert

McDonald: We also have in the summertime a festival called Summer in the Park which rated 18th best festival in the province of Ontario

Scenery: Waves on the shores of lake Nipissing. Crowd watches a performance at the Capitol Centre Theater. Crowd watches a rock concert at the waterfront.

Scenery: Buskers play guitar meanwhile shoppers walk past pumpkins at the North Bay Farmer’s Market.

Scenery: Cross country skiers whiz by the camera

McDonald: If you're looking at hosting a sporting event, or any event of any kind in the city of north bay, you'll find our city on of the safest cities in the country.

Scenery: Interview with McDonald

McDonald: You can expect not only to have first class sporting facilities, but you also have all the amenities that you would expect in a city much much larger.

Scenery: Two golfers walk down a green fairway

McDonald: I love the city of North Bay

Scenery; Fireworks at the waterfront.

Text: North Bay Ontario Canada

Text: Video By Patrick Gilbert productions