Coffee beans being grinded in a commercial grinder

Coffee dripping into a North Bay mug

Lady starting to hum

Lady starting to sing

Lady continues to write on pad,

Camera pans to a microphone, humming by lady in the background.

Camera shows aerial view of City Hall building, Nipissing University and Canadore College buildings, Steve Omischl sport fields, lady and daughter at table, dark inside of industrial building and then man turning on the lights, inside an office building, then inside a store with a man pulling a cart of fresh produce and showing a display of asparagus, aerial view of tipi, and three children grabbing their bags as they leave through a door while the dog is wagging its tail, man pulling cart into open space, and people setting up in a sports hall, bleachers in the background, quick glance of open space in industrial setting, hockey stick being wrapped with tape, man walking among large tires, two young ladies and one man in library setting, talking/laughing, man walking alongside a pile of plastic pipes, robotic arm turning, two ladies walking in an office, opening a file drawer and searching through files, man’s hands playing the piano and movement of the piano keys, kids in a classroom, girl talking to a male teacher while other students are in the background, girls’ beach volley ball game happening on the beach, and then men playing beach volleyball. (singing continues)

Paints brushes in a glass vase, little girl painting a cup, adult ice hockey practice in an nearly empty ice arena, small boy/children playing hockey, lady in a coffee shop talking to a customer, sandwich being served on a plate, young lady talking to a man, while the people mill around in the background.

Lady singing in front of a microphone, while wearing a headset, two lab technicians are checking a vial and putting in a machine, military personnel lined in formation, crowd at a park mingling, spectators line the boards at a hockey game, couple walking on a golf course with golf clubs in hand, woman speaking in a meeting and man at head of table is speaking as well, little boys playing soccer, kids coming down a big slide at a fair, two young ladies and a young man walking down a set of stairs, mature couple eating in a restaurant, two young girls talking and laughing while they eat, shoppers on a busy main street, kid running up playground equipment, crowds, hand pulling a switch, flames in industrial equipment, hands packing plastic pieces in a box, aerial view of city and roads in the fall, symphony orchestra playing, lady singing while playing guitar with band members, waves lapping on the beach, lady singing, little boy walking along a metal fence, aerial view of building, young men in a gymnasium; balls covering the floor, robotic machines picking up the balls and throwing them, boy facing crowds and people cheering in the stands, aerial view of glass building as the sun sets, midway swings going around, aerial view of midway with swings in centre and city in background, band singing and playing instruments, crowd watching an outdoor concert, view of drummer from the back panning to band members and lead singer, fireworks in the sky while two young women watch, girl singing, applause and cheers from the public; logo North Bay “investinnorthbay”.