Instrumental music plays throughout the video with no voices.
Black screen with text “what will you find Downtown?”
Black screen fades to reveal three women practicing yoga in a small studio with an instructor assisting one woman with the positioning of the pose.
Five young adults in a retail store looking at various items such as a creamer set and women looking at clothing. Text on the screen reads “Local Handcrafted Products”.
Office setting in a board room where three men and a woman are having a meeting. The scene changes to the entire office space where four men are working on computers and one man is showing a woman a document. Text on the screen reads “Beautiful Spaces for Working & Living”.
Office space with large windows and two men and two women in a boardroom, reviewing a book and documents together with the text “Beautiful Spaces for Working & Living” still on the screen.
Grocery store with three women in an aisle and two women talking to each other while one holds a bottle of a dark liquid. Text on the screen reads “Convenient Amenities.”
Restaurant where a chef cuts meat on a teppanyaki grill in front of several tables that are full with people enjoying meals and eating with chopsticks. Text on the screen reads “Exciting Cuisine.”
Downtown street fenced off and a group of people playing dodgeball in the fenced area while other people walk by and watch the game. Text of the screen reads “Action and Adventure”.
Camera turns to a rock climbing wall in a crowded outdoor area with some people watching a man climb the wall. Text on the screen still reads “Action and Adventure.”
Inside a martial arts studio where several people are practicing. Text on the screen reads “Healthy Competition”.
Colourful indoor playground and a little girl and little boy are crawling through the play area. Text on the screen reads “Indoor Fun.”
Sporting goods store and two girls are looking at snowboards. Text on the screen reads, “An Active Lifestyle.”
Crowded area on a city street with a separate area fenced off and a man on a BMX jumping off a wooden ramp onto a dirt landing with text on the screen still reading, “An Active Lifestyle.”
Busy midway with people sitting on a grassy area, others walking the laneways and colourful tents with carnival games in the background.
Book and toy store with a man and women looking at books and toys, then two women with a little playing with a jack in a box. Text on the screen reads “Learning and Playing.”
Crowded downtown street lined with Canadian flags on lamp posts. Text on the screen reads, “Family Time.” The scene then changes to a couple and their daughter walking down a downtown sidewalk carrying shopping bags.
Jewellery store with a women showing a man different charms and another women in the background talking to a female customer. Text on the screen reads, “Unique Quality Products.”
Couple and their daughter sitting at a small table with coffee mugs on a sunny day on a downtown street.
Yoga studio with three women mirroring an instructor’s yoga pose. Text on the screen reads, “A Balanced Lifestyle.” Four women are then shown doing a different yoga pose, imitating the instructor standing to the side of the four women.
Outdoor farmers’ market on a sunny day with a woman talking to a man who is looking at and smells a bar of soap. The camera then focuses on a girl looking at a head of lettuce at a different booth. Text on the screen reads, “A Vibrant Farmers’ Market.”
Two men reviewing a blueprint drawing in an office and two women in the background looking at a document.  Text on the screen reads, “Innovation & Collaboration.”
Close up of a plate of potatoes, steak and asparagus with gravy and mushrooms on top being placed on a table. A couple is then shown sitting at the table with the plate of steak and a burger with fries, as well as a glass of wine and a glass of beer. The tables in the background of the restaurant are filled with people. The camera shows a close up of the hamburger and fries and text on the screen reads, “A Welcoming Atmosphere.”
A couple is sitting at the bar having a drink and other people are in the background drinking and ordering.
Orchestra on stage with the conductor at the front and the camera at the back of the stage showing the musicians playing from behind their seats.
Mother and son in a museum with a model airplane overhead and then looking at a glass enclosed display. Text on the screen reads, “History & Heritage.”
Man singing into a microphone and playing guitar on a stage in a bar which has people sitting at tables with drinks in front of the stage. Text on the screen reads, “Live Entertainment.”
Midway with rides lit up in the heart of a smaller city at dusk.
Outdoor concert shown from the perspective of the band, showing the backs of the musicians and a crowd watching on a grassy area. The camera then shows the crowd from a bird’s eye view with tents in the background and the sun setting over a lake. Text on the screen reads, “Family Friendly Festivals.”
Scene changes many times to show several different people in the various scenes throughout the video holding a sign that says, “Do it All Downtown, the Heart of North Bay.”
The screen goes black with a logo that says “North Bay Ontario Canada” and the website “” below it.
Instrumental music slowly comes to a quiet.