North Bay’s infrastructure is ideally suited to support our existing diverse economic base and accommodate expansions resulting from both foreign direct investment as well as internal growth. Our approach to infrastructure focuses not only on the conventional hard services such as road, water and sewer as well as telecommunications, transportation and utilities, but also on those essential soft services including health care, education and culture. This balanced approach has enabled us to enjoy significant compatible growth from both internal and external investors that is consistent with our sustainable development strategy.


North Bay is one of the major centres on several high capacity fibre optic networks that link the national service provider across Canada and, in turn, connect to international carriers. North Bay connects Northern Ontario to southern centres and also provides a northern bridge between the eastern and western-most points of the province. A photo of the OPP utilizing the telecommunication network in North BayThis east-west link offers redundant connectivity to major carriers in the south, further ensuring consistent, world-class telecommunications services to businesses and residents in the city.

Telecommunications services currently available in North Bay include ISDN, (Microlink and Megalink), Centrex voice and data, call management services, custom calling features and voice mail. North Bay is part of Bell Canada's Special Services Digital Network which provides services such as frame relay, Megaroute, Megastream and Advanced Intelligent Network Services.

Excellence in information technology is just one of North Bay’s historical advantages. The technological resources put in place to support military installations during the Cold War are now working to the City's advantage. They continue to be required by the military for its ongoing joint U.S./Canada NORAD role and responsibility, and ensure the ongoing presence of contractors with skilled technical personnel. These resources are readily harnessed by business, government and education to achieve a range of competitive advantages.

City Services

A photo depicting the inside of North Bay's water treatment plant

Water and Sewer

The City has recently constructed a new water treatment facility and is continually upgrading the sewage treatment plant to ensure that future needs for services are appropriately managed.

For more information about city services please visit the City Services Website






Public Transit

North Bay is serviced by bus transit which provides an expeditious and efficient way to travel anywhere within the city limits. Para-Bus vehicles are available to serve individuals with physical challenges.

For more information about public transit please visit the City Transit Website and City Para-Bus Website.


North Bay Hydro, a municipally owned and operated utility company, strives to provide high levels of customer satisfaction and reliable electrical service with the lowest feasible number of interruptions of minimum duration. North Bay Hydro values employee and public safety and will assist customers in becoming informed about economical and efficient uses of electricity.

North Bay Hydro operates a number of incentives designed to reduce the amount of energy being consumed, and to promote effective environmental conservation for business, industry and residents.

North Bay Hydro

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