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North Bay is a hub for high-capacity fiber optic networks, serving as a critical link for national and international connectivity. It connects Northern Ontario to southern hubs and bridges the gap between the eastern and western ends of the province. This east-west link offers redundant connections to major carriers in the south. These connections ensure dependable telecommunications infrastructure for our city.

North Bay is an integral part of Bell Canada's Special Services Digital Network, providing advanced services like frame relay, Megaroute, Megastream, and Advanced Intelligent Network Services.

North Bay Hydro

North Bay Hydro, a municipally owned and operated local distribution company. There are a number of incentives designed to reduce the amount of energy being consumed, and to promote effective environmental conservation for business, industry and residents.

North Bay Hydro
Phone: 705-474-3111

To view electricity rates, please visit the North Bay Hydro website.

Enbridge Gas

Enbridge Gas Inc is a major Canadian natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company.

Enbridge Gas
Phone: 1-888-774-3111

To view gas rates, please visit the Enbridge Gas Inc. website.

Municipal Water and Sewer

The City of North Bay proudly owns and manages the North Bay Water Treatment Plant and the Water Distribution system. We ensure municipal water, sanitary, and sewer services are accessible to the majority of properties within our urban service boundary.

Our Water and Sewer Billing Department works with the Property Tax Department to handle the billing and collection of all water-related charges within the city's urban service boundary.

All property classes, including residential and ICI, follow a metered billing structure. This system comprises fixed charges determined by meter size and variable charges based on consumption. For further details, visit our Water and Wastewater Department.

For information on the other services provided by the City of North Bay, please visit City of North Bay.

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