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Incentives & Funding

Expedited Permitting

Through our Development Application Review Team (DART), we assemble the vital staff members you need for your project. This allows for an immediate review of your proposal with prompt feedback right at the table. DART evaluates all development applications and Site Plan Control Agreements, helping move your project forward quickly while meeting project timelines.


No Industrial Development Charges

North Bay's City Council has eliminated industrial development charges, reflecting our commitment to fostering business growth. For detailed information and rate details, explore the Development Charges section on the City of North Bay's website.


Competitively Priced Land

The City of North Bay has municipally owned sites for development. This includes fully serviced air and ground-side parcels available for lease or sale at the Airport Industrial Business Park, and competitively priced commercial acreage at the south entrance of the city.


Growth Community Incentive Program

The city's Growth Community Incentive Program (GCIP) is designed to support industrial development and specific intensification efforts in housing and downtown waterfront commercial projects.

An application for any financial incentive program contained in this GCIP:

  • Can be made only for development, redevelopment, rehabilitation, and/or adaptive reuse of a building or property within the identified target areas of this CIP;
  • Must be submitted to the City prior to the commencement of any works to which the incentive program will apply and prior to the application for a building permit; and
  • Must include plans, drawings, studies, reports, cost and/or other studies, details and information as may be required by the City to satisfy the City with respect to project eligibility, design, performance and conformity with the CIP.

Please contact a member of our team to learn how to apply.

Funding Assistance

Explore a range of funding opportunities from municipal, provincial, and federal partners. Programs are available for existing businesses, startups, events, youth initiatives, research projects, community initiatives, and more. Additionally, private investment capital could be accessible through the Northern Ontario Angels. Our team is eager to work one-on-one with you to create a personalized financial plan and find the ideal solution to meet your unique needs.

North Bay goes beyond its competitive industrial tax rate and streamlined permitting process. Our industrial parks offer fully serviced land at competitive rates. A range of municipal, provincial, and federal incentives are available to assist with growth and job creation projects. 

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