The Trans-Canada Highway 17, Canada’s east-west artery, passes through North Bay, and connects to the Highway 11 link to Toronto. This four-lane highway linkage allows for easy access to Southern Ontario markets. Major trucking and cartage firms have terminals in North Bay, as do the national courier companies offering overnight service to most Canadian and U.S. destinations. Two major bus lines provide passenger and express service to and from North Bay at a convenient central terminal.

Ontario Northland provides rail freight services to the region’s mining, forestry, and agriculture business. The company’s rail line interchanges with CN, OVR and CP, allowing freight customers to easily ship to destinations throughout North America. Ontario Northland also provides motor coach transportation as far west as White River, Timmins, Toronto, Ottawa, Hearst and many points in between. Each year, 250,000 passengers choose Ontario Northland. The company provides shipping services and station delivery service with multiple daily departures.


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