Advantages for ICT companies operating or considering locating in North Bay include:

  • Companies operating in North Bay save, on average, 15% on workforce/occupancy costs compared to those located in other Ontario communities, and are very competitive with most U.S. cities as well.
  • North Bay offers an available, skilled, and bilingual workforce with an average employee retention rate of 98% for ICT related firms.
  • North Bay’s established business services industry includes a balanced mix of conventional call centres, back office and shared service operations.
  • Services include ISDN, (Microlink and Megalink) Centrex voice and data, call management services, custom calling features and voice mail.
  • North Bay is part of Bell Canada's Special Services Digital Network which provides services such as frame relay, Megaroute, Megastream and Advanced Intelligent Network Services and ATM switch.

North Bay General Hospital was the first in the world to perform a tele-robotic surgery, in which the patient was at the hospital in North Bay and the surgeon was 400 kilometres away in Hamilton, Ontario.