2020 Film and Television projects

  • Peter and the Rabbit
  • The Swan
  • Unsettled
  • #DRIVE (Music Video)
  • Abduction
  • Radical Body Transformations
  • Flee the Light
  • Too Close for Christmas
  • Lakewood
  • Tycoon's Kiss
  • Salvage Kings (Season 2)
  • Delia's Gone
  • Christmas Carousel

2019 Film and Television projects

  • Cardinal (Season 4)
  • Carter (Season 2) 
  • Like a House on Fire 
  • New Eden 
  • Crossword Mysteries (Season 2 and 3)  
  • Rising Suns - (Cycle 2)
  • Astonishing Tales of Terror 
  • When Hope Calls (Season 1)
  • Angel Falls 2 
  • The Kid Detective 
  • Cold String 
  • (Son of a) Trickster 
  • The Knight Before Christmas



North Bay and area’s Film Portal is an online searchable tool aimed to help productions source locations, talent and services that are available in North Bay and surrounding communities.

North Bay and area includes:

Film Production Handbook

An outline of notification and approval processes required from various municipal departments and agencies


LOCATION PERMIT APPLICATION - NOTE: Due to new browser updates, please download this application, right-click, save link as… “template”. Complete the form then save as new name and email directly to: filming@cityofnorthbay.ca


REGISTER YOUR PRODUCTION - NOTE: Due to new browser updates, please download this application, right-click, save link as… “template”. Complete the form then save as new name and email directly to: filming@cityofnorthbay.ca


Covid 19 Film And Television Industry Health And Safety Guidelines


Filming at North Bay Jack Garland Airport



The Economic Development Department works with your team to source the appropriate space to meet your requirements. For inquiries, please contact:


Economic Development Department

200 McIntyre St. East, North Bay, ON

1-705-474-0400 ext. 2318

Filmed In North Bay

         Past Film Projects 


"We wrapped on “Flee The Light”, a mystical horror thriller, in North Bay on October 4th 2020. The city and people of North Bay were wonderful to work with and everything went so smooth that we are already in talks to return shortly with another project.
The natural beauty of the city with Lake Nipissing, the vast forests and hills made for stunning locations.
On the more human side, we discovered an excellent support network of location managers, grips, electrics, art department personnel, HMW personnel, PAs and more.
Thanks to everyone who participated in “Flee The Light” and I can't wait to come back to North Bay; a place that will always be in my heart."

Jennifer Mancini
Mythic Trips Entertainment
"I’m a Stunt Coordinator, Screenwriter and Director. Last year, I was the stunt coordinator on Cardinal season 2 and 3, and I loved shooting in and around North Bay.  I miss it when I’m not there.  Just wanted to say I’ve got a crush on your city."
Randy Butcher
"I really enjoyed North Bay and everyone here. I would love to be here again. The City's Film and TV Division are wonderful to work with!"
Catherine Crawford
Location Manager from Cardinal Season 2 and 3
"Within a one mile radius we were able to shoot at a rustic off-the-grid cabin, in a modern high tech hospital, within an old growth forest, under a concrete underpass, on an ice covered lake, on a snow covered highway and shot “green screen” car driving process in a huge garage - And that was just our first three days. The city of North Bay is small enough that everything's close by but big enough to have all the comforts and amenities needed to service a production. I look forward to coming back for future seasons of Hard Rock Medical."
Derek Diorio Producer/Director
Hard Rock Medical
"Upon wrapping our first feature film (Hellmington) we would like to thank the City of North Bay for such an amazing experience. We will never forget your support and can't wait to come back for our next one!"
M Aseltine, A Williams & J Drakulic,
Blind Luck Pictures Ltd.
"Working with the Economic Development Department these past few months has been exceptional. After living in Toronto for over 15 years and having a great experience as a film location manager for a few of those, I can personally say that working in North Bay has been even better. The staff’s professionalism and willingness to make it work is extraordinary. It is very difficult to manage a film/tv series' Location Department with all the variables and ever changing requests. I can honestly say it makes it so much easier knowing I have their support and they will work equally as hard to put all the pieces in place to create the kind of culture that should be a part of any film/tv series—mutual cooperation on all levels."
Douglas Brisebois
Location Manager from Carter Season 1 and 2.
"We at Pair of Ducks Productions, are pleased that we can draw on the actors of North Star Talent for our films. Working with industry professionals from Northern Ontario not only helps foster northern talent but also provides local cast and crew with training in all areas of film production."
Jim Calarco
Actor, Producer and Casting Director
“I have to say that once I landed in North Bay, the team was very much ready and willing to meet all of the production’s needs and they came through in a very big way. Whether it was permits, bookings, contracts or processing a road closure (Main Street) on days’ notice, what we asked for would not have been completed without their help. Quite remarkable I must say.

I will never forget the experience, neither will the Producers of this project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to see you all in the near future. I am sure the writer, Giles Blunt, will be proud once he sees what was accomplished in the City of North Bay.”
Srdjan Vilotijevic,
Location Manager,
Cardinal, Season 1