Talent & Workforce


Among North Bay's many advantages is its readily available, highly skilled and educated workforce of 33,315. Over 80% of North Bay's workforce achieved high school diplomas and 56% have graduated from a trade school, technical college or university. 

To maintain and build on this workforce, industry and educational partnerships are commonly formed and customized programs are established to find innovative solutions and meet specific industry needs. 

According to Statistics Canada 2011 Census, 13% of Northern Ontario’s population has apprenticeship opportunities, trades certificates or diplomas compared to 9.1% throughout Ontario.

The world’s first fuel-cell powered locomotive was manufactured in North Bay

A photo of a fuelcell stack

The world's first tele-robotic surgery was performed at North Bay General Hospital. The patient was at the hospital in North Bay and the surgeon was 400 km away in Hamilton, Ontario

The following table represents workforce activity based on the National Household Survey, North Bay, CA, Ontario 2011 (accessed March 11, 2015).

Workforce activityTotal
In the labour force 33,315
Employed 30,440
Unemployed 2,880
Not in the labour force 19,890
Participation rate 62.6%
Employment rate 57.2%
Unemployment rate 8.6%

North Bay's Workforce Breakdown

Industry Amount (%)
Business Services34
Wholesale and Retail trade19
Health care and social services16
Construction and Manufacturing10
Educational Services9
Government and other services9
Finance and Real Estate3
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Education and Training

North Bay is home to many educational An aerial photo of Nipissing University and Canadore College's Campus on College Driveinstitutions and training facilities that support the local workforce. In addition to Nipissing University and Canadore College, there are also several private training institutions dedicated to educating the community, including: