Quality of Life

Some of the major attributes of North Bay are the quality and diversity of its heritage and natural environment. Residents of North Bay and area enjoy fresh air, abundant clean water, plenty of green space for outdoor activities and low density living with all of the benefits of full urban services. From condo-by-the-lake living, to modern executive-style dwellings, to old-world Victorian housing, living in North Bay is both safe and affordable.

North Bay has a very low crime rate and continues to be one of the safest communities in comparison to cities across Canada. 

Urban North Bay straddles a land bridge between the Ottawa River watershed and that of the Great Lakes. On its eastern doorstep lies Trout Lake, the headwater of the Mattawa River and the source of the City’s drinking water which holds the distinction of supplying some of the best quality drinking water in the province. North Bay’s waterfront, on Lake Nipissing, is the heartbeat of the city, featuring a magnificent walkway adorned by beautiful gardens, a museum and a public marina.

North Bay is a great place to live if you enjoy the outdoors and want larger city amenities while maintaining a sense of small, safe community.

A photo of a couple eating at a local restaurant, The Station